Technology Tools for Reading and Comprehension"Beyond the Printed Book"
Tomlinson offers options for reading and listening to books that aid in the comprehension of the material. The options come in many varieties and combinations depending on the student's personal devices and service desired.

Devices Available:

external image 7-really-cool-tips-for-publishing-your-ebook.jpg

Devices for In-School use :

  • Computersexternal image Audio%20Book%20-%20pic.jpg
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Netbooks

Mobile devices may be borrowed from school:

*All require parent signature

May be signed out to qualifying students
Tablets (iPads)

May be signed out to qualifying students
eReaders (Kindles)

May be signed out to students
Mp3 players (Zen/iPods)

May be signed out to students
Tape/CD player

May be signed out to students

Services Available:

eBooks and Audiobooks (mp3s) can be downloaded to student owned devices including iPods, iPads, Nooks, Kindles, cell phones and home computers.
Items may be downloaded from anywhere, at home or at school. Look in the side panel for helpful How To's for using these services. Click on the link below for the service you would like to use on your device. Not sure? See Page???

eBooks & Audiobooks:
TMS circulation system for school owned audio and ebooks

Requires student Id number

FPS- Overdrive for ebooks

Requires student Id number
Fairfield Public Library Digital Library- OverDrive ebooks

Requires Public Library card One Click Digital Audiobooks

Create an account using Public Library card

Bookshareebooks with read aloud capability or audio for listening

Requires membership - for qualifying students only



OneClickIntro(available from ICONN only)